Are you ready to embark on your own transformational journey with HPE GreenLake?

TD SYNNEX has created a hybrid cloud Practice Builder pathway for HPE GreenLake that can take partners from where they are today to where they need to be to ensure long-term success. Steve Cant, Vice President, Europe, and Global Lead HPE at TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions, explains why he’s excited about its arrival

If you want to get from point A to point B, it’s useful to have a map. While that is stating the obvious, it becomes a real problem if you don’t know exactly where you are right now, or indeed where it is you want to get to.

This is the position that some partners find themselves in with respect to hybrid cloud and HPE GreenLake. Of course, most resellers will have some knowledge and experience of cloud and may have developed a good level of competency in some solutions. However, even if you have, it’s hard to know exactly where you stand in terms of your knowledge and how you compare to your peers in the market.

It’s also not that easy to see exactly where you need to get to in order to develop a good, long-term, sustainable business with hybrid cloud and HPE GreenLake, although there are some fairly obvious steps you’d want to take. Getting a good understanding of HPE GreenLake would be the starting point; following that, you’d want to become an accredited partner; then you’d want to make your first sales and start to manage and grow your customer base.

Logical progression

That’s a logical enough progression, but no two partners are alike or have the same goals. Every business will need to follow its own pathway to success.
It is with these challenges in mind that TD SYNNEX created its Practice Builder methodology. This end-to-end approach enables a partner to understand where they are today, and where they want to be, in terms of their skills and capabilities in an emerging technology area – such as hybrid cloud. It also provides a way for them to formulate and follow a pathway that will take them to that desired destination. The end goal could simply be to attain an accreditation, or it could be to build a significant and substantial business in that area of the market.

There is now a specific pathway for partners who want to build a hybrid cloud practice with HPE GreenLake. It starts, as do all Practice Builder journeys, with an online self-assessment and from there progresses – depending on the results of that assessment – onto a digital or tailored plan that gives the partner access to appropriate resources and tools, enabling them to develop their sales and technical competency.

How far have you travelled?

We see HPE GreenLake as a tremendous opportunity for partners to grow their business. You may be right at the start of your journey or already started to develop your understanding and capability in hybrid cloud and in HPE GreenLake. But what may not be clear is how far you have travelled and how much further you need to go before you can develop a viable, long--term business practice.

If you want to get a clear idea of where you are today, where you need to get to, and formulate a route to the attainment of that goal, you will benefit from taking our assessment and following the HPE GreenLake hybrid cloud Practice Builder pathway. If you’d like to find out more, please get in contact with your TD SYNNEX account manager.