Plotting a roadmap to success in the Hybrid Cloud

Steve Cant, Vice President, Europe and Global Lead HPE at TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions, says the company’s new Hybrid Cloud Practice Builder for HPE GreenLake can help partners build a successful hybrid cloud business practice in just 90 days.

Getting involved in the cloud can sometimes seem like a big leap into the blue. But resellers don’t really have a choice. They need to offer cloud-based options because that is what customers want and expect.

The first cloud experience for most resellers, will almost certainly have been with productivity applications – Office 365, or Google Workplace perhaps. Or providing virtual machine instances on a public cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure, or AWS, for backup and recovery.

While selling and providing these services is relatively straight-forward, the hybrid cloud is a quite different prospect. One that is altogether more complex and involved. Sales and technical teams won’t necessarily know what’s involved, or to go about setting up and managing a hybrid cloud solution. The reseller business also needs to be sure that it is ready – that it has the right skills, capabilities, and resources – to offer and support hybrid cloud solutions.

Huge growth potential

But hybrid cloud is also something that customers are asking about now. We know this only too well in the TD SYNNEX HPE team, as interest in HPE’s hybrid GreenLake solutions continues to grow. The potential here for partners is huge and now is the right time get involved.

As you probably know already, HPE GreenLake provides customers with the security of having an on-premises solution with the scalability and pay-per-use flexibility offered by the cloud. Customers pay a pre-agreed fee to have a solution on-site, and additional charges are made depending on their actual usage of additional cloud compute and storage resources.

This makes HPE GreenLake the ideal hybrid solution. But if you want to learn about it, how do you get started? And how can you get to a level of competency and at which you are really confident about taking propositions to your customers?

A valuable proposition

We think we have a really great proposition for any reseller that is asking these questions. The Hybrid Cloud HPE GreenLake stream of our Cloud Practice Builder will enable you to define a strategy and subsequently accelerate your understanding and capability in HPE GreenLake.

In just 90 days, we will give you all the training, mentoring and support you need to develop your sales and technical capabilities, and build a viable and repeatable HPE GreenLake solution that you can take to market. As well as all the strategy development and training you need, we will also help you execute your sales and marketing plans to ensure your hybrid cloud business gets off to the best possible start.

The process starts with a simple self-assessment of your readiness to current capabilities. If your business is ready – and you decide that HPE GreenLake is right for you and your customers – we will invite you to embark on that transformational journey that will enable you to build a successful hybrid cloud practice that will generate recurring revenues for your business.

Instead of it being something of a leap into the unknown, we can help you identify clear goals, ensure that you receive all the tailored expertise and business support you need at every stage and ultimately, become a confident and successful HPE GreenLake partner and delivers the very best hybrid cloud solutions for your customers.