The lowdown on HPE GreenLake

Giving you the tools to market HPE GreenLake to your customers and turn one-off sales into long-term, predictable income streams.

What pain points does HPE GreenLake solve?


They may be facing pressure to reduce IT staff and budget, and have a desire for self-service and provision on-demand.


They may be slow to create new revenue streams or be facing increased overprovisioning costs.


They may have a desire to better leverage data to improve the customer experience, but have slow provisioning times for new projects.

Why choose a consumption model?

A consumption model eliminates overprovisioning to improve cash flow and reduce upfront spends. It helps customers avoid slow procurement processes and focus on accelerating the move to a complete cloud experience. And getting started is easy.

What makes HPE GreenLake different?

Unlike other cloud services, HPE GreenLake is a true pay-per-use experience, based on actual metered usage. It’s been designed to grow alongside a business, with the freedom to be scaled up and down with ease.

Increased net new revenue

Eliminate overprovisioning and preserve cash flow

Determine capacity before demand

Align IT spending with business goals

Get visibility and control across all clouds

Bring projects to market faster

Get an environment that’s current, compliant and secure

Reduce costs of support and professional services

Make IT team more efficient and productive

Create a long-term annuity stream

Include HPE GreenLake in your own solutions

Deepen and grow customer relationships with a service that provides high customer satisfaction

Retire quota faster and increase deal size

Deliver more flexibility to suit your customers’ workloads

Provide a more sustainable model for your customers

HPE GreenLake in numbers

Over $3.5B

under contract

Over 90%

customer retention


HPE GreenLake customers
across industries


YoY growth FY20 vs.
FY19 through Partners

10 years’ experience

delivering consumption

45+ countries

HPE GreenLake delivered in 

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