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Since 2017, HPE GreenLake has given businesses the ability to manage their IT on their own terms. With extra capacity, on demand, on a pay-per-use basis.

The big difference is that now, businesses can use the consumption-based HPE GreenLake model for more than just cloud.

Even more as a service

Introducing HPE GreenLake Subscription Solutions

Since 2022, HPE GreenLake has become the brand name for an entire portfolio of as-a-service solutions. Helping businesses to transfer even more of their IT costs from CapEx to OpEx – and partners to transform one-off sales into more predictable recurring revenues.

So, beyond HPE Cloud Services, what other IT products can now be purchased through HPE GreenLake? Well, the list is ever-growing…


  • Block storage as a service

    The industry’s first block storage as a service, delivering 100% data availability, guaranteed.

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as a service

    From HPE SimpliVity to HPE Nimble, enjoy all the benefits of the complete HPE storage portfolio, on a pay-per-use basis.


  • Backup and disaster recovery as a service

    Backup as a service, now built for hybrid cloud – helping customers ensure data protection and rapid recovery from on-premise to the edge.

  • High performance computing as a service

    Any enterprise, of any size, can now access purpose-built AI, machine learning, and big data analytics, and the world’s most powerful HPC services, on demand.

  • Compute ops management as a service

    Access, monitor and manage all servers from a central, cloud-native console, to drive greater performance and efficiency.

…all delivered through one, single sign-on experience

Now, businesses can get one view of all software, all infrastructure, and all data-driven insights from across the HPE GreenLake portfolio, from the edge to the cloud.

  • Self-service provisioning experience

  • Centralised configurations can be shared across all domains in just a few clicks

  • Easily track consumption to ensure ROI

  • Manage costs, capacity and compliance and simplify management of VMs, containers and MLOps

  • Streamline operational tasks across all edge, on premise and cloud environments

  • So your customers can focus on what matters: their business

“HPE was among the first to deliver a cloud platform that enables customers to manage and extract insights from their data from edge to cloud.

Today, we are furthering our differentiation, boldly setting HPE GreenLake even further apart as the ideal platform for customers to drive data-first modernization.”

Antonio Neri, president and CEO, HPE.

So what’s the benefit for partners?

  • Reduce costs and grow profitability

  • More flexibility to suit your customers’ workloads

  • Improve customer loyalty through long-term subscriptions

  • Turn one-off sales into long-term, predictable income streams for 5 years +

…now for even more services!

Ready to build some exciting new as-a-service concepts for your clients?

For help and support with the ever-expanding HPE GreenLake portfolio, talk to the experts at TD SYNNEX. And don’t forget to download a simplified version of this page for your desktop now.