Why businesses should switch to a consumption IT model

The modern world is one that’s on demand. We want everything, and we want it at the drop of a hat.

From our phones and internet providers, to our TV streaming services, lease contracts and subscription-based services are becoming a huge part of our everyday lives.

In our personal worlds, we’re constantly paying as we go. So why is our business world any different?

What’s the problem?

Today, CIOs are under constant pressure to ensure that their business is performing in the most agile and efficient ways possible.

The ever-changing nature of the IT sector means that organisations need to be able to scale their tech as and when necessary, as well as avoiding costly implementation and complicated road maps.

CIOs are also finding that resource within their department is often unevenly distributed too. Most organisations are in a state of over-capacity in areas such as licensing and middleware, while new initiatives are put on the back-burner due to lack of provisions.

In short, businesses need flexibility.  And they need it fast.

Welcome to the world of consumption IT

To combat this, businesses are moving increasingly towards the world of consumption IT.

Consumption IT offers CIOs an easy-on, easy-off method of implementation for their new tech. It’s a hybrid cloud model, ensuring that they have the right level of secure servers, storage and data centre space needed at any given time, while freeing up teams of IT staff to look at improving or expanding other areas of the business.

According to IDC, by 2020 consumption-based IT procurement will overtake traditional procurement – accounting for up to 40% of infrastructure spend. 

Switching to a consumption-based model can mean accelerated app and services deployment, simplified IT, improved cloud economics and proper control over performance, latency, risk and cost. While housing data-servers on-premise allows for more control over security and privacy too.

Jump on in to HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake and consumption IT are designed to help businesses finally manage IT on their terms. Its hybrid nature provides both speed and in house security, while its three different and unique solutions each come together to provide a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution:

  • HPE GreenLake, a scalable infrastructure service that allows scalability as and when needed with pay-as-you-go metered usage
  • HPE Pointnext, which allows users to choose infrastructure based on their environment before deploying Pointnext experts to help design implement and help manage the solution
  • GreenLake Central, the self-service dashboard which allows stakeholders to purchase, manage and optimise their apps and data from anywhere – including the ability to see costs, forecasted usage and compliance indicators.

What are the benefits of HPE GreenLake?

With HPE GreenLake, businesses pay only for what they use, for a flexible, fair and fully transparent cost.

As it stands, data centres can be overprovisioning by as much as 59% on computing and 48% on storage. Through access to the latest technologies with HPE Pointnext, businesses no longer need to overprovision or update inefficient legacy equipment. It improves cloud economics, and reduces expenses by the elimination of expensive costs of infrastructures, to make capex savings of as much as 30%.  

With the need for BAU maintenance of IT infrastructure removed also, IT teams are given time to work on different projects and focus on meeting business goals – reducing the support load on IT, and increasing productivity by as much as 40%.

Plus, with the HPE GreenLake on premise model, businesses can pay for what they want, whenever they need it at a set rate over the contract. This gives control over future consumption costs, with the added benefits of in house application security and deployment speed.

So by offering users the chance to use cloud services in the environment of their choice, HPE GreenLake moves away from the traditional IT model to allow scalability in line with business needs, which in turn, frees up the time, capital and resource needed to innovate any business.

Why choose TD SYNNEX?

Becoming a TD SYNNEX partner means you’ll have access to all kinds of advantages, including StreamOne for access to a range of cloud solutions such as AWS, Azure and Google. Plus, you’ll get higher ROI for you and your clients, as well as Tech-as-a-Service ­– which provides access to our portfolio solutions on a pay-per-month basis. 

We’ve also been working hard to create a brand new Partner Portal, to help our partners successfully navigate the waters of HPE GreenLake. 

Featuring training resources such as blogs, videos and podcasts, this portal helps to explain consumption IT in more depth, and brings together everything you need to know in order to become a HPE GreenLake expert.

To learn more about HPE GreenLake, make sure to visit TD SYNNEX HPE GreenLake Partner Portal today.