Why can’t virtual interactions be fun too?


Emma Shipley, Senior Enablement & Communications Executive for HPE at TD SYNNEX Advanced Solutions, wants to know how you would make online interactions and events more interesting and engaging.

Let’s face it, we have all been suffering from Zoom fatigue. As we have found out from experience, spending the whole day on video conferencing sessions can be quite draining. Most of us are looking forward to being able to meet up face to face once again at some point, whether that is in our offices and at industry events.

In the interim, we can make working together online enjoyable as well as productive. Virtual interaction, learning, and enablement are here to stay – and with a little effort, we can make these experiences just as engaging as the real thing.

We ran a number of special workshops recently for some of our HPE partners. They were a real success and a lot of fun too. Partners genuinely enjoyed taking part. Instead of simply creating an agenda and running through it, we tried to make these events interesting and to get all participants involved at different points throughout the session.

We created some games that could be played along the way and we used break-out sessions, giving delegates the opportunity to branch off and focus on an area in which they have a particular interest. It also helped that we had, in Fiona Challis, a really inspiring and energetic individual running the whole event.
By giving people something to focus on other than a two-dimensional slideshow, mixing and breaking things up a little bit, and trying to make it as lively as possible, we were able to make the whole event a lot more engaging. It was clear from their response that partners enjoyed the session and got a good deal out of it. And that’s key – you’ll always take more away from a webinar or virtual event if you enjoy it.

We tried our best to be innovative and to interact online in different ways with these events – and you may have your own ideas about how virtual events can be made more interesting and inspiring. If you’d take the time to respond to the questions below, that will really help us and, we hope, help you as well.

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